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Poltergeist is an awful word and i can’t say it without being freaked out on some level. I have no belief in the idea of a poltergeist however there is always a movie or a documentary i will come across that will re-awaken the fear, rendering me an insomniac for the next few nights. The idea of a haunted mansion  is still a scary thought but as soon as you place a poltergeist in the homely setting of suburbia it becomes, quite frankly,  disturbing. Last year’s  ‘Paranormal Activity‘ is a case in point. The reason it works is because too many haunted house stories rely on the age of the house being a factor in the haunting. Set the story in a modern suburban villa that most of us comfortable danger fearing citizens reside in and wham we’re no longer safe. If you forget all the hype that surrounded Paranormal Activity and judge it by actually sitting down in a dark room and watching it i guarantee that for the next few nights you will be trying to sleep with the light on.

Still from ‘Paranormal Activity’ | 2009

Still from ‘Paranormal Activity’ | 2009

My curiosity was peaked after watching the Channel 4 documentary ‘Interview with a poltergeist’ which you can currently watch on 4OD here. Make what you want of the documentary, it creeped me out and it will creep you out too. What resonates with me is the photographic evidence left behind from the case, particularly from the girls bedroom. Lets be honest, the 70’s decor doesn’t help.

The Hodgon’s home where most of the activity apparently took place | 1977 / 1978

I was getting freaked enough just looking through sites for images of the case, see i’d rather not believe in these things. In fear of developing insomnia. Here’s some suburban settings you might remember from other movies so inclined:

The house in Stephen Spielberg’s ‘Poltergeist’ | 1982

The house from ‘The Amityville Horror’ | 1979

‘Amityville Horror’ | 1979

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