Posted on March 3, 2010


Gossip Girl makes me want to be beautiful, rich, sexually prolific and in New York. The title alone is reason to withdraw from admitting/mentioning the fact i enjoy it to anyone.

The Gossip Girl cast | money money money

CW promotional photo; used in accord with Fair Use Doctrine

I have a couple of suggestions for the creators of the show. The first one being i want a cameo from New York based band ‘Vampire Weekend‘. If Sonic Youth got a little cameo then why not…

From their use of Futura, their style (GAP / RALPH LAUREN) and need i say the music? In case you didn’t know they get slack for referencing things like Louis Vutton, Admirals with their fleets, Oxford Commas, fucking women from Wellfleet and pin-striped men. They get called WASPS (lazily and unjustly may i add) but when the musics that good why would it even matter?

Vampire Weekend | shot for Magnet Magazine

Their music videos are everything you’d want from a Vampire Weekend song put to a video:

‘Oxford Comma’ | (2008)

‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ | (2008)

‘Mansard Roof’ | (2008)

The videos from the first album in particular are all rather timeless. ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ makes me want to re-watch The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off over and over again. Their latest video for ‘Cousins’ replaces subtlety for frenetic jittery camera work and a paper ribbons climax (a perfect visual complement to the song).

‘Cousins’ | 2009

The other thing Gossip Girl could do with would be some more blood spattering, coke snorting, valium pushing, sun bedding and taking videos back to the video store. Do you know where i’m going with this?

Yeah, i’m talking psycho banker Patrick Bateman style. If you have not read the Bret Easton Ellis novel ‘American Psycho’ then you really must, it’s disgusting but it’s also fascinating. The film adaptation is a lot less sickening. There are some scenes in the novel even Lars Von Trier wouldn’t. I’m thinking some half naked Chuck Bass workout scenes for the fan girls;

with some Chuck Bass chainsaw wielding murder sprees for us secret male fans;

That’s all the improvements i can think of, yourself?

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