Posted on July 19, 2010


I’m struggling to recall but i’m pretty sure my first brush with the 24 hour diner was when my school art teacher introduced me to the late American artist Eward Hopper.

Nighthawks | Edward Hopper (1942)

Ever since then, and ever since my coffee addiction began i can’t help noticing on screen the prevalence of 24 hour diners.

After Hours | Martin Scorsese (1985)

Se7en | David Fincher (1995)

The Machinist | Brad Anderson (2004)

Righteous Kill | John Avnet (2008)

Nothing beats two detectives running in from the rain, trench coats soaking, folders of evidence stacked under their arms. Two coffees are ordered, maybe a cigarette lit (pre-smoking ban of course) meanwhile photos of crime scenes are spread across the table. Polaroids of bloody corpses to mull over, hoping to catch the serial killer before his next victim.

21 | Robert Luketic

Discussion can be heated, excitable and full of the promises that morning can fulfill. The most private of affairs can be discussed in the lowly lit safe haven of a diner’s booth. Do you frequent 24 hour diners? Personally i can’t find them anywhere here in Scotland and i’m left driving around at night hoping that the light in the distance isn’t coming from a petrol station…

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) | Steven Soderbergh

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