Posted on August 6, 2010


Loads of  sex | Anna Richardson

Here in the UK we have the ‘Sex Education Show’ where militant sex journalist Anna Richardson thinks the best way to reach the explosive mind of the teenager is with shock value (which it kinda is).

Want to get into bed? | Anna Richardson

I would sure have loved to have had sex education lessons like The Sex Education Show but not because i wanted to see my parents reaction to the porn i was watching or to see what gonorrhea looked like but because i could get time out of class and i would get to see some boobs. I also found very interesting the fact that when showing examples of porn to the parents she showed things like bestiality (which is illegal), the 2 girls one cup video (don’t watch it but all i can say is it has something to do with a poo fetish) and examples of extreme abuse role play. She’s giving the impression that all their sons are getting off on this stuff, which is what the parents find much more disturbing than the fact that its so readily available. From what i can gather there is an equal percentage of parents and children who watch the show which explains its pre-watershed broadcast time. In a good sense it’s leaving teenagers more informed towards safe sex and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases but on the other it’s creating a whole host of paranoid parents worried that their children aren’t going to be bringing back a a human on their first date.

The thing is, she can be showcasing old people’s bits (and she has), introducing hepatitis B and genital warts and i still find her intensely sexy. Here is some photos of the sexiest sex education teacher ever.

How’d you like them apples? | Anna Richardson

Sexy | Anna Richardson

Sexy | Anna Richardson

Sexy | Anna Richardson

Sexy | Anna Richardson

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